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A little info about pet fish....goldfish in particular. Please don't keep them in those typical goldfish bowls, bowls that are smaller around at the top than the rest of the bowl. That just doesn't allow for enough oxygen to get into the water. Also, be careful about the size of the stones that you have. Had stones in with my goldfish, that he managed to get into his mouth and get them stuck in there. I had to net him, hold him in my hand and pull the stone out with kidding either. Wasn't the easiest task, but got it done. Happened again actually.....well, two more times before I smartened up and changed the stones. I  thought it was such a freak accident, that it would never happen again. Second time I used the tweezer approach again. The third time, I saw him bang his mouth into the side of his aquarium, so went to take a look. Lo and behold there was a stone in his mouth again. He seemed to know what he was doing, so I watched to see if he would jar it loose. Sure enough he did. So, who knows, it may have happened several times when I wasn't around and he just knocked them out himself every time. Take care of those fish....gotta keep 'em happy and they'll keep us happy...just to watch them, I think anyway, that it has a very relaxing effect on us.
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