Pet Tip Of The Day   
February 8, 2001
Page revised January 2, 2003
For those of you that have long haired dogs or cats or any long haired pet, please be sure to check them for mats. I have seen many pets with terrible mats on them. These matted areas can be very painful as the hair is constantly tugging at the skin. They can also be an area for lovely little critters, such as maggots, to make their home. Just giving them a bath may not always help. Comb them out thoroughly before bathing and then again after.  When pets are  not brushed out before and after, it can create more mats and the mats your pet already has can get even tighter and more painful. Some of the spots that you may not be quite so inclined to check are; behind the ears-have seen many dogs that had mats nowhere else, but that were badly matted behind their ears., under the belly, under the legs, the long hair on the back of the front and back legs and the hair around their necks where their collars are ( speaking of collars, be sure to check the collars as your pets are growing. It surprises me how many dogs are seen with the collars growing into their necks.)
Give your pet an extra hug and pat today and check close for  those  mats. Some extra brushing will make your pet happy and keep you is known that people's blood pressure lowers, when they are petting their critters.
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